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Transmission Repair and Installation in Fort Worth, TX

Transmissions are one of the most complicated and core elements to a well-working vehicle. If your transmission is not properly functioning, it can be dangerous for you on the roads. Call us today for an honest estimate!

When to Fix Your Transmission

It is important to be in tune with your car, so that you know when to send it in for service. When it comes to the transmission, you’ll know it’s time to bring your car in when: your transmission starts slipping, you experience difficult shifts, the car has trouble making speed, there’s a delayed engagement, there’s a fluid leak or your transmission light turns on.
When to fix your transmission
Transmission repair work

Transmission Repair

If your transmission is in trouble and it isn’t due to the transmission fluid, our expert mechanics will then look at the car’s software to see if there is an issue with codes. However, if it is still not fixed our staff will remove the car’s transmission and inspect it by disassembling it. Parts may then need to be changed to cleaned.

Transmission Flush and Fluid Change

The flush and change of the transmission’s fluid is one of the easiest and affordable ways to service your transmission. Sometimes unclean or little transmission fluid can be the cause of many problems in a car. Flushing out or changing the fluid can solve the issues right away. However, it highly depends on the condition of the transmission.
Transmission flush and fluid change

Get your transmission fixed. Give us a call today!

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